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Instructions for Raphael's Next Free Healing Event

Heart Donations are gratefully accepted and can be made here.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for signing up for my next free, long-distance healing event on TO BE ANNOUNCED 9:00AM MST.

I am very excited about this session because it joins and builds on Aluna Joy's newest article and activation titled "The Golden Sword / Pink Rose Activation". Before Saturday's Healing session, I strongly encourage you to read Aluna Joy's Golden Sword / Pink Rose Activation. By reading this article, you can receive an activation that will activate your gifts, abilities and magic inside of you . . . Those that you know exist inside of yourself, but have just not emerged. You can read Aluna's article here: http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-aug-6.html Then on Saturday, we will set our intents to build on this activation and build a solid foundation for this magic to thrive and grow inside of ourselves.

The following information should answer all of your questions, including what time the healing session is where you live if you don't live in Arizona, and how to prepare for the healing session. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at Raphael@HealingsWithRaphael.com



The Date & Time:

Coordinating Our Times:
If you live in Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST - e.g. Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico), the session will be at 9AM your time. If you live in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST), the time of the session will still be 8AM. If you live in the Central Standard Time Zone (CST), the session will be at 10AM your time. And if you live in Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST), the session will be at 11AM your time.

The following are times when the Healing Event will occur in various cities:

Amsterdam: 5PM          Chicago: 10AM        Helena, Montana: 9AM          Honolulu: 6AM          Houston: 10AM             Johannesburg: 6PM          London, England: 4PM         
Los Angeles: 8AM          Madrid, Spain: 5PM          Munich, Germany: 5PM          New Delhi: 9:30PM          New York: 11AM          Orlando: 11AM          Paris, France: 5PM         
Philadelphia: 11AM          Rome, Italy: 5PM          Seattle: 8AM          Toronto, Canada: 11AM          Vancouver, Canada: 8AM          Victoria, Canada: 8AM

Times on Sunday: Sydney, Austrlia: 3AM Sunday        Wellington, New Zealand: 5AM Sunday

If you don't live in the U.S., and don't see a city that you nearby listed above, to determine what time 9AM MST is where you live, simply click on the following website. Then look for the city "Phoenix". The time listed for Phoenix is what time it is in Sedona (where I (Raphael) live). From here, you can determine how many hours it is ahead or behind where you live. Then just do the math.
What Type of Healing Session is This?:
Please realize that the healing session that we will be doing together is not a phone session . . . It is a silent, energetic session. So I will not be calling you on the phone. :) At our appointed time, you simple just have to be comfortable in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted by people or any phone calls. If there is a TV or a computer in the room, please unplug them. I ask permission from your higher self to send these divine healing energies, and then the session starts. The session will last anywhere from 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

Visualizations to do Just Before Our Session:
There are 2 visualizations that I ask people to do. However, these are not mandatory.

About 10 minutes before our session time, go to a quiet space in your home that you know you won't be bothered by people, phones, computers or TV's. Get as comfortable and relaxed as possible. At that time, set your intent by calling on God/Spirit/Creator, and ask Spirit to heal you of whatever issues you would like to be healed/released (and name off the issue(s) - example: re-alignment of energies). It can be anything physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Visualization #1. About 5 minutes before our session time, I would like you to visualize what you would be doing and how you would feel if your issue(s) were completely gone and your entire body was perfectly healthy. Draw that feeling into the present and really try to feel it, including the happiness and joy that you would feel by doing things that you love without any restrictions. Do this for a few minutes.

Visualization #2. Then I would like you to imagine every cell of your entire being, starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, being filled with God's white light, and that you are this beautiful, perfectly healthy, limitless angelic being.

Then simply relax and let Spirit do its work. 1 hour later, the session will be finished (but the energy will continue to work for several days if not weeks afterwards). If you go to sleep during the session, don't worry. It happens all the time.

I would like to mention 2 things that I feel are important about whenever anyone does a healing session (whether it be with me or any one else) . . .

One of the things that I feel everyone should ask for is CLARITY on the issues that are presenting themselves to be healed. The more aware we are of these issues, the easier it is to heal those issues.

The other thing that I feel everyone should ask for when getting any type of healing, is that the energies that are to be received by you be only those energies which are for your highest good, and nothing less than your highest good.. Command your guides and guardian angels to enforce this throughout all Time, Space & Dimension; Past, Present & Future; and Mind, Body & Spirit.

A good person to call on when doing this is the Archangel with the big sword (Archangel Michael). :)

To Make a Heart Donation:
After the session is over, and you enjoyed it, and that you feel that it helped you, you may give a heart donation is you are called to do so. Heart Donations, even as small as $1.00, are gratefully appreciated. In no way is this a requirement for the healing session. You can make a heart donation at the bottom of this page***.

To Share your Healing Session Experience:
If you feel like sharing your experience, feel free to email me at Raphael@HealingsWithRaphael.com. Let me know if I can post your sharing online, since I find that this sharing helps others interpret and understand what it was that they may have felt and experienced.

One-on-One Healing Sessions:
Should you enjoy and want to experience more of a one-on-one (2 hour) session, feel free to contact me for a personal healing session. You can read more here: www.HealingsWithRaphael.com

Sacred Site Essences to Help with Manifesting:
All essences (with the exception of endangered essences and sets) are on sale for 22% off. To receive the sale price, simply enter the coupon code of the word "magic" upon check out.

We are being called to suggest the following essences for Love, Protection and Power to help you to manifest your intent for the coming year:

- The Holy Grail Essence ~ Chalice Well, England - The Divine Essence of Mother Mary imparting Holy Forgiveness and Love, with a direct link to Source.
- The Shield of Protection Essence ~ St. Michael's Tor, England
- The Sacred Staff of Power Essence - The passing of the sacred staff to bust free of limitations and illusions. ~ Bonampak, Mexico
- Immortal Living Light Essence ~ Philae, Egypt
- Thoth's New Alchemy Essence ~ Dendara Temple, in the chamber of the Old Kingdom, Egypt
- Mother Sekhmet Essence ~ Karnak Temple, Egypt - Love That Can Heal Anything ~ Strength That Can Move Mountains.
- THRIVE on the LIGHT WITHIN - Albino Redwood, Big Sur, California, United States
(All of the above essences can be found here: Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essences

Essence Blends (which can be found here: Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essence Blends

- Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essences

- Aluna Joy's Sacred Site Essence Blends

Wishing all of you a wonderful session exactly what Spirit ordered for you. :)

With Great Blessings,


***Heart Donations are gratefully accepted and can be made here.

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