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This page is for all STUDENTS of LIFE to post their EXPERIENCES
about what they experienced during the Raphael's healing sessions. These comments are from people who have
participated in Raphael's Free Healing Sessions, as well as Raphael's Personal One-on-One Healing Sessions.
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THANK YOU so very much Raphael.
I experienced many many profound visions and feelings during the session. Perceived such strong presence and incredible healings happening on many levels thru my being. I especially felt great heat in my spine and neck and had an image of the light coming into the spine. At one point I was directed to send dark energies that had hidden in my spinal column into the earth thru the root chakra. It was as if the earth had spoken to me and directed me to send them to the core of the earth for incineration. There were several that were very very very reluctant to leave and I was told to command them ceaselessly to leave. They did.

My heart chakra I saw was covered with thick thorny vines and all of my love was trapped inside. Those fell away and I saw my heart as a beautiful window now open to the sunshine and with roses placed inside. I also was able to cry for quite awhile - which also had been trapped inside. The grief and heartache released and cleansed thru tears at long last. I felt so protected by divine forces, especially experiencing the goddess and angelic beings healing me as an infant who had been born prematurely to escape alchol poisioning from my mother. Being in the incubator I was alone, untouched and unloved. Today that changed as I felt the goddess become me and I was able to feel loved as I welcomed my infant self home into my heart. I could never understand why I have felt so alone, rejected and isolated. I am so very grateful to be shown these truths and how to heal from them.

I saw my spirit animal totems come to protect me during the session, the angels, so much loving guidance and concern. I feel so very blessed and healed. So much more continues to flood in, it is still taking place. I am so grateful I was guided to your site. Your work is most powerful and amazing.
In gratitude - Urbara ~ San Rafael, California

Dear Raphael,
My Mom passed peacefully in her sleep early this morning. The last 3 days she was in and out of consciousness but always peaceful. I feel your energy work helped her tremendously. Thank you very much. You do not know what a Blessing it was.The hospice nurses were amazed that my Mom experienced so little pain or discomfort. Her Peace and Ease in passing took a lot of weight off of our shoulders, particularly after she starting moving in and out of consciousness. Thank you for easing her transition and easing our burdens so much in letting her go.
Daniel ~ Sedona, AZ

Wow! That was interesting. My soul group and allies decided to start on me last night....all night I could feel them working on me. I was already "tuned in" still (the healing continued) when you officially started this morning. I have received a lot of energetic healings from professionals and shamans in my community. And also in dreamtime my soul group/guardianship and other allies and masters have come at various times to gift me with healing. This felt very much the same but it felt like a whole team of allies and masters....mine and many others...were working on me at the same time.

I experienced lot of attached energies being brought out through my crown (I got the same twitches and electrical feelings that I do when I'm worked on directly) and I could feel energy going to various parts of my body...especially this morning. Recently, I've been suffering a lot with plantar fasciitis (totally insidious!) hip pain....and then just did something to my knee a few days ago hiking to a favorite meditation spot. And other little complaints I try to just get through....but the pain was really starting to wear on me. Your email was an immediate answer to night time prayers for healing... When I got up this morning I did not have heel pain...my knee is a little unstable but no pain. In fact, I am not having any pain right now at all. Very cool!

Thank you, Raphael. In wellness, Luna

Hey Raphael,
This is Paty I hope you and Aluna are doing great!!! I just want to tell you that the healing, the amazing and powerful healing that you did on me, is working. I mean I am starting, after 18 years, to feel sense of smell... I am crying now of emotion. It is so great!! It is coming slowly and softly, the sense of smell caught me by surprise. Today I used a new shampoo and I believe that it has a strong smell, because a lot of times I feel its essence, not specific which type of smell it is. I don't know. It is flowers or whatever, but I feel the essence. It is hard to explain. I feel my "nose" getting something that a long time it didn't, and what I had forgotten of telling you in Egypt is that I have in my mind that someone, after the healing, had told me that it would come back slowly. That the healing takes time, but I would feel its effect. But I don't remember you telling me that, did you? But since I was at Egypt, I had this information in my mind, and I wasn't sure about who had told me that. And no one had made any comments about my healing process that you've worked so perfectly. You told me to keep me inside of a bubble of God's white light, something like that, and I could barely hear the noise outside!! I will remember forever the smell of flowers that I felt when you were doing that! Raphael to tell you thanks is nothing comparing to my gratitude, and I know It will comes back to you 3 times more!!! ;) Thanks so much for you and for the angels that work through you! Thanks a lot!!!
Blessings - Paty ~ Miami, FL

Dear Raphael,
I started experiencing the presence of high energy beings. Then all went very still and I saw a very large Angelic Being standing protectively to the left of me. Burning sensations rushed through my body and I then started experiencing strong physical manipulations by a team of 'Angelic Healers' in all those areas of my body I had requested healing; my knees, my feet, my whole right side. There was no denying the power of the energy at work! Then, the huge Angel standing at my left side bent over me and applied a strong pressure to each chakra in turn, activating each one, in a way that I can only describe as a Love infusion". My whole body resonated with the power of the emotions unleashed this way, and the tears of love just flowed. I fell asleep for a few hours.

When I woke up I was still wrapped in the healing energy, and when I stood up the experience was startling....I felt like a towering giant touching the sky, as if I was a huge angel myself. In the few days since our session, the physical, lingering pain in my knees and right side has just about disappeared, and that is truly a miracle! And even more miraculous because not expected, is the feeling of a deep depression lifting, of being grounded and with purpose in a way not experienced in years, as well as having an energy and enthusiasm for life which is quite new and exciting! Raphael, thank you again for sharing your gift with me, and for being so lovingly instrumental in 'getting my motor running'!
Many Thanks, many Blessings,
Michele ~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Raphael,
Your Saturday (free) healings are typically lovely and loving. I always feel uplifted, more relaxed, more hopeful, etc. The energy is subtle, yet present and it invariably feels like it puts the day right...that is, lends a blessing to the day. Also, the fact that they are offered free as selfless service means a lot to me. I think it positively affects the energy transmission.

Your private sessions are different. I think my friend did well to send you his list of concerns and to counsel me to do the same. By the time my session came, the healing was already in progress.

But back to the energetic "feel" and effect of your work. My friend was visibly transformed after his session. Our relationship, as a result of many long months of inner healing on both our parts, was freed to take off in a better, higher direction. In our case, that of separation.

I think your particular gift is one of lifting energies and returning them to a more pristine state of consciousness. Gone were the fetters that had kept my friend and I locked in place. I saw, I felt, I verified that that limiting connection we shared was holding us back. Many healers are able to clear energies; that is what they do. But it seems to me that you are actively transforming them, and allowing them to find a more natural place to land.

I say this because I had the same effect after our session last Friday. True, I was very prepared. I had given much thought to my list of concerns, and had promised my friend I would address certain key issues he felt were getting in the way of growth. The session was soothing, strengthening and lightening, similar to the Saturday sessions, but here was the difference: I stood up from that session a changed person. Again, the energies of conflict had been lifted. My guess is that your angelic council of helpers is doing this work at your request. You, as you said, are drawing down energies. I know all healers do that to some degree, but it feels like you are especially attuned to that modality.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. I wonder if the tremendous amount of healing work my friend and I have both done recently enhanced the effect of your work; undoubtedly it had to have. I look forward to your Saturday healings and to working with you one-on-one again in the future. And of course, with my mother when her transition time arrives.

I hope this explanation is helpful to you in some way. I would love other people to get inspired the way I was when I saw my friend's face...he had come into his own.

In God's Light, Alexandra

I wanted to give you an update on Bobby. I took Bobby to the hospital for an x-ray. That's when the report said that his spine was curved at 13%. Two weeks after that x-ray & one week after we saw you, I took Bobby to the Pediatrician Spine Specialist and he also took 2 x-rays. This Doctor said that Bobby is fine, no curves of the spine & his shoulders are even. I really don't know exactly what you did but I wanted to say "Thank you so much".
Peggy ~ Lombard, Illinois

Thank you for that wonderful healing energy. I was laying on my back and at 11:00 AM immeditaley felt immense love coming through to the point I could physically feel the effects on my chest muscles. I sensed the color pale pink or peach and cloth that had a weaved texture like a cable knit sweater. I Then felt as though I was in a giant vibrating hoop that was going from my head down to my toes. The loop was moving slowly from my left side to my right side, almost like it was scanning my body for damage. It scanned me back and forth several times. I started seeing feathers like from an eagle and had the sensation of native Indians around me. After that I was lifted from my body and placed up-right in a tee pee were healing was occuring. I physically felt myself leaving my body! At some point after that I felt like I was somewhere in Peru.

Through out the first hour, off and on, I felt like hundreds of particles of healing energy were being sent through me and it felt good, but it was a cool sensation to my body. I saw you with braids in your hair and I knew that you were a native American healer. I could feel waves going through my left hip, back and shoulder. Several times my left shoulder hurt, but I understand how muscles are inter-related and working in one area can affect other body parts. At one point I felt as though you were touching my forehead and openning my third. After that you were pulling a fine film side ways off my eyes from the right to the left and there were more than one layer to be removed. With my eyes now clear I saw another Indian, but it was made of the red rock like that in Sedona.

At close to noon I must have drifted off because I woke with a start as though someone was pressing on my body. I saw at least six pairs of hands or really the bones of these hands forming a circle around my trunk area. Again I sensed the native Indians sending healing energy. From there I had wings like a butterfly and was flying with someone else over Waynu Picchu. The total freedom felt amazing. The odd part was I was watching me fly, but I knew someone else was with me.

I felt compelled to turn on my right side and I felt tremendous waves of energy being delivered into my whole left side and again my left shoulder hurt slightly. This lasted probably 10 minutes or more and I turned onto my back. I could hear you saying things but could not understand them, but did feel the immense love again. It was suddenly stopped and I felt another presence trying to hold me down. I was like a giant winged eagle/human. I've only once experienced a negative spirit and it was freightening, this was not however. I believe it was just a spirit looking for a place to lodge. I asked God to allow only that which is of the greatest and highest good to prevail and the spirit left. Again I could feel the unconditional love, intense healing (in the color brown?) and you speaking. You were telling me that God loved me, I was good, and to seek my freedom. At 12:50PM I suddenly felt everything end.

I continued to feel great and very energized the rest of the day. I thank you again my friend for your love and time.
Blessings, Rose

Hi, Raphael!
A couple of unusual things have happened since the day (Thursday) that you left me your original message (we actually spoke on Friday): Bug (my cat) started going up and down the stairs (15 steep steps) repeatedly and spending time upstairs in the bedroom for the first time since Easter Sunday, when his most recent health challenge occurred. It is as if he knows that really effective healing has been "contracted" for him, and so I believe that he feels that the process has already begun and is responding to it. The second thing is that, one week before you left me the message, I was having my own session with a healer. I was on a massage table in a room by myself, as she had left me briefly to "process". I prayed hard for Bug at that moment, asking that the masters send someone to really heal him. The moment I had that thought, I saw (and smelled--a faint scent like violets) Saint Germain standing next to me, and I heard, with my physical ears, three loud meows! I was so startled by the loud meows, I nearly fell off the table! I felt that real healing help for Bug was on the way at last, which left me with a feeling of immense relief. The day I spoke with you, I saw/smelled Saint Germain again, exactly as I had seen him previously. I was so close to him both times that I could clearly see the texture of the fabric of his shirt. The color was a very pale violet, and the fabric appeared to be an extraordinarily fine linen, which also appeared to have a fine powder of some sort on its surface. I tell you all this only because I have never seen him in person before, although I have known about him and worked with the violet flame since 1974. I feel that he has only appeared to me since some sort of connection has been established with you, or through you, on Bug's behalf. I have decided that, since Bug and I are a "package deal" in life and seem to process physically and on other levels for each other, I can also help him, and myself, by scheduling an additional session with you for me! I am so looking forward to talking with you again and cannot wait for Bug to have his session! I know that he is already looking forward to it!
Carol ~ Miami, Florida

My back is feeling so much better. No pain! and I feel more energized. Keep up the good work. Much Love and Many Blessings."
Ginger ~ Winfield, Illinois

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