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About My Sessions and What Makes Them Different
Many of the energy/healing modalities that are being used today are being channeled through the healer before reaching the client. This means that the energy is brought literally through the healer, and then directed to the person being worked on. However, just like a water filter, if the healer is bringing the energy through themselves, then the client will receive a filtered down version of the original energy because the original energy is being filtered through the healer's own issues, programs and patterns. Let's face it . . . healer or no healer . . . if you are on this Earth in a 3D body, you are going to have issues.

Instead of bringing the divine healing energies through me, these energies are directed by me, from Source (God/Spirit/Creator), directly to you and your higher self. Your higher self then directs these energies to go where they are most needed in your body (physical, mental and/or emotional). There is no filter or middle man.

My energy work addresses all the areas of your being including your physical, subconscious (which is where people hold onto blockages that stop complete healing from happening), your conscious and divine bodies. So your entire being is being "healed"; not just the obvious surface condition.

During a session, I also work with and call on my guides, guardian angels, Archangels ... including Archangel Raphael (for Healing), Archangel Zadkiel (for Transformation), Archangel Chamuel (for Love) and Archangel Michael (for protection and removing blocks) to name a few ... your guardian angels, as well as a team of Angelic Healers and Ascended Masters (including Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, etc...).

I use the word "Healing" very reverently, since I know only YOU and God/Spirit can heal yourself. I simply act as a anchor to hold space and call in these healing energies for you; thus allowing you to use these energies as your higher self wishes.

What Type of Healing Session Is This?
Please realize that the healing session that we will be doing together is not a Skype, Zoom or phone session . . . . It is a silent, energetic session that is transmitted to you in the comfort of your home. With Distant Healings, we are not limited to differences in language or culture, nor are we limited by distance. At our appointed time, you simple just have to be comfortable in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted by anyone or anything. You verbally speak out loud your intent for what it is that you would like to be healed, and then the session starts. The session will last approximately 60 minutes for my free, monthly long distance healing sesions and approximately 90 minutes for my private, one-on-one healings sessions.

After a Session
The energy work that is performed does not stop at the end of the session. Many people find that they can feel the energy still at work several days, and even up to 1 - 2 weeks after a session. To get the most out of your session, pay close attention to your emotions and feelings, how your body feels, your dreams and your relationship to exterior surroundings for at least a week after your session.

Book a Session
Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. An energy exchange for a session is $150 . . . or more. It is up to you. To schedule a session, or if you have any questions, contact Raphael at 928-282-3993. I can also be emailed here.

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What Will I Experience From a Session?
Everyone is different. It is important to understand that the session is between you and God/Spirit/Creator. So what a person experiences is determined by you, and what is happening in your life around the time of the session. Also, your experience will change from session to session because we all change daily. You are not the same person you were 10 years, ago, 1 year ago and even 3 weeks ago, and therefore your experience will change from session to session. But the following is what some people have kindly shared with me about their experiences ...

- Many people have mentioned experiencing a warmth in various parts of their body all the way to an energetic / electric feeling being felt throughout their entire body.
- Some people experience seeing different colors ... especially Rose, Violet/Purple, Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue, and some people will catch glimpses of pictures, all the way up to full on visions.
- This usually does not happen during the first session, but since the object of the session is to heal yourself, you may experience some uncomfortable feelings, emotions or thoughts. This is okay. It may be that your body and your higher-self is asking you to look at those things again, and then to let them go by giving it all to God. - Crying is okay also ... and you may not know why, but let it out.
- And then others will say that the pain in their body simply disappears.
- During the session, if you start to feel like you need to stand up and move, then do exactly that. It may be your body telling you to move and release the old energy out of your body. Like Taylor Swift says ... "Shake it off".
- If you have to get up and go to the bathroom, go ahead and do so. Simply tell AA Michael to put the session on hold for you until you come back.
- And many times, people tell me that they are put to sleep right away. This happens all the time. It is a way that the Masters and ArchAngels of White Light get the healing energy infused in you as fully as possible ... especially for those of us that have a busy mind.
- Come into the session with no preconceived ideas or expectations as to what will happen. Experience the session like that of an excited young child about to embark on a new adventure.
- Lastly, you cannot do anything wrong. Follow your own intuition and your body's guidance. (To read more about what people have experienced, see my Testimonials Page Here.

About Raphael
I took my first energy healing class in October of 2003 (almost 20 years ago), and immediately knew that it was what I wanted to do. I am certified in Quantum Touch, Kahuna Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) and Angelic Reiki. I have also studied a variety of other healing energy modalities including crystal energy work, QiGong and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

My spiritual path has provided me with a deep appreciation of "Mother Earth" as a direct result of my relationship with the Blackfeet, the Ojibwe and the Lakota.

I consider myself to be very blessed to have been able to continue my spiritual path by traveling to sacred sites, around the world, to tune into the different energies of each site. These sites have included The Black Hills, Bear Butte, Mt. Shasta, Tulum, Palenque, Tikal, Copan, Machu Picchu, Avebury, Stonehenge, Callanish, Isle of Iona, Delphi, The Pyramids in Giza, Petra and Sedona. After having lived in Sedona for the last 18 years, I have recently moved back to my childhood stomping grounds, and I live in in the western suburbs of Chicago with my partner, Tara.

        Walking into Petra               On the Steps of Bonampak      Meditating in Machu Picchu
Philae Temple, Egypt

Sacred Site Travel
To Egypt, Petra, Scotland and More!

Details Coming Very Soon!

To be one of the first to receive details on Raphael's Sacred Site Journeys, or if you have any questions, simple click on the following link to email me and let me know that you wish to be placed on my Sacred Site Travel list. Specify what places you are intersted in (example: Scotland, England, Egypt, Israel, France, Australia, Cambodia, Bali, etc...), and as soon as details are finalized, I will email you right away.

All of my trips are small intimate groups focused on healing, and embodying the masters that we are. So, they will fill up quickly because of the limited size.

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