Instructions for
Raphael's Next Free Healing Session
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for signing up for my next free, long-distance healing event. The following information should answer all of your questions.

The Date & Time:
This coming Saturday, October 31, 2020, at 1PM PDT

Coordinating Our Times:
To find out what time this long-distance healing will take place where you live, follow these instructions:
- Click on this link:
- In the box labeled "Between", type in "Phoenix" and click on Phoenix, Arizona.
- In the box labeled "And", type in the name of your city or a large city close to where you live
- You will automatically be taken to a results page showing what time it is now in Phoenix vs where you live.
- Scroll down to see what (Time and Date to be Announced) will be compared to where you live.

What Type of Healing Session is This?:
Please realize that the healing session that we will be doing together is not a phone session . . . It is a silent, energetic session. So I will not be calling you on the phone. :) At our appointed time, you simple just have to be comfortable in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted by people or any phone calls. If there is a TV or a computer in the room, please unplug them. I ask permission from your higher self to send these divine healing energies, and then the session starts. The session will last anywhere from 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

How to Prepare for this Healing Session:
This healing session is a two part healing session:
1) For the 1st half hour: Just before the session time, go to a quiet space in your home that you know you won't be bothered by people, phones, computers or TV's. Get as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When comfortable, set your intent by calling on God/Spirit/Creator, and ask Spirit to heal you of any issues you would like to be healed/released of, and that your highest good manifest in your life (health, finance, career, relationships, etc...). Your healing can be for anything physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Then simply relax and let Spirit do its work.

2) For the 2nd half hour, state your intent and send prayers, light and love to humanity and Mother Earth for their highest good to manifest. (I like to visualize the entire planet permeated with God's brilliant white light).

1 hour later, the session will be finished (but the energy will continue to work for several days if not weeks afterwards). If you go to sleep during the session, don't worry. It happens all the time.

Continuing Our Work After the Session:
To continue our work for yourself, the Earth and humanity, we are suggesting the following essences and Egyptian Oils:

Sacred Site Essences: - Rainbow Light Empowerment - Divine Resonance Essence ~ Philae Temple, Egypt
- All Of Life Is One Essence - Petra Monastery, Jordan ~ Dimensional Doorway & Hall Of Records
- The Sacred Staff of Power Essence - The passing of the sacred staff - Busting free of limitations and illusions ~ Bonampak, Mexico
- The Chief Ouray Peace, Patience & Diplomacy Essence ~ Ouray, Colorado
All of the above Sacred Site Essences can be found here: Here.

Egyptian Essential Oils - All of our Oils are on Sale for 33% off:
- Red Amber Oil - 1st Root Chakra - Grounding
- Rose Oil - 4th Heart Chakra - Opening the Heart and Clearing the Emotional Body
- Papyrus Oil - 8th Higher Self / Soul Star Chakra
- Nile Flower Oil - 10th Earth / Universal Chakra
- Frankincense Oil - 11th Galactic / Star Gate Chakra
All of the above Egyptian Oils, plus our new Egyptian Oils for the Spiritual Chakras, can be found Here.

To Share your Healing Session Experience:
If you feel like sharing your experience, feel free to email me at Let me know if I can post your sharing online, since I find that this sharing helps others interpret and understand what it was that they may have felt and experienced.

One-on-One Healing Sessions:
Should you enjoy and want to experience more of a one-on-one (2 hour) session, feel free to contact me for a personal healing session. You can read more here:

Wishing all of you a wonderful session exactly what Spirit ordered for you. :)

With Much Love & Great Blessings,


If you are feeling appreciation for my work,
please consider sending a heart donation ... an energy exchange. Thank you.

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