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Who Is Eating The Strawberries?

Strawberries in a heart shaped bowl

By Raphael -
Originally Posted 2011 / Re-Posted 05-23-2022

With the war still going on in the Ukraine, many of us may be feeling helpless in not being able to do more besides what we have already done. This is our old patterns of thought getting in the way of our mastery, because there is more that we can do, and it requires no out of pocket expense and very little time. All it requires is focused thought to help those in need.

The following is an article that I wrote back around 2011 when floods were occurring in Japan and the U.S. Midwest ...

The other day, while meditating, I happened to be thinking about the people of Japan and those in the Midwest being affected by the flooding . . . many of these people will have limited access to food and water. What can I do to help? A thought popped into my head about a very easy way to help which was tied to my past experiences and teachings with the Blackfeet & the Lakota. Let me explain . . .

At certain times in any one's life, we all face uncertainties and "forks in the road", and we search out to find answers to those pressing questions and situations. One of the ways that Native / First Nations people go about finding their truth is to do a Hunbleceya, or what is commonly known as a Vision Quest. This vision quest involves being put up on a sacred mountain, with no water and no food, from anywhere to 1 to 4 days. There, amongst other things, they will pray to Creator for guidance.

I have been blessed to be a supporter at some of these Vision Quests. A supporter would assist in any way they could for the person going through the Vision Quest, with the exception of making physical and eye contact with that person. Ways to support included prayer, drinking water (very important) and . . . eating. Yes, I said drinking and eating. Since the person going through the Vision Quest was not allowed to eat or drink, in order to provide that person with the strength to go through 4 enduring days, the supporters were instructed to eat and drink for that person. This involved being very present when eating and drinking, and to eat and drink with the intent of nourishing the Vision Quester.

Many times when a person came down from the mountain, he/she would ask "Who was eating strawberries? They were delicious! Thank you!" It is all about our intent and being present when eating and drinking. So I ask all of you, when you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the coming days, weeeks, months, center yourself and ask your guides to send the nourishing energies of the food that you are eating, and the liquids that you are drinking, to the people and animals of Haiti and Chile. Be very present when eating with the intent and the knowledge that this occurring.

The idea of nourishing another person by what you are eating and drinking is not a new one. I shared my above thoughts with a dear friend of mine, and she informed me that there is a popular Hindu food mantra, from the Bhagavad Gita, called the "Brahmarpanam". It loosely states . . . "Food is God (Brahma). The act of offering is God. The one who offers is God, and he who receives the food is God." So it follows that the God in our selves should be able to enjoy the food on behalf of the God in "another" no matter how far away that person is.

But with our busy schedules, who can remember to do this every time we sit down to eat? Since writing this article and sending it to some friends, one of these friend wrote me back stating that in order to remember those in need when eating, she sets an extra place setting at her table. What a wonderful suggestion.

I know that this may not fill the hunger and thirst void completely for those starving, but it may very well be enough to have them hold on until food supplies can get to them during the coming days and weeks. So if you are not in the position to send money, clothing or food, or if you are not an experienced healer to send energy healing, you can still send love and nourishment. Just food for thought . . . or in this case, thought for food. :)



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(Addendum: When sending energetic support to someone else, it is very important that you receive permission from the person and/or people who will be receiving the assistance. If this is not possible to do, such as is with the Ukraine, I always ask Creator / Spirit / God to send the energy to the person's higher self so that their higher selves can determine where the energy is most needed. Sometimes that person's higher self decides that the energy is to used to heal, sometimes it may be to make their transition easier, and sometimes no help will be accepted because that person needs to learn from the experience as part of their spiritual path and evolution.)

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