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Giving Thanks for the Last 20 Years

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By Raphael -
Posted 11-22-2023


October was a milestone for me.  October marked my 20 year anniversary since I first started on my path of doing healing work.   If it wasn’t for all of you supporting me, I wouldn’t be here now.  So, as a way of giving thanks for all of your support, I am doing two things …

On Tuesday, November 21st, just before Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I did 2 healing sessions. 

This focus for these healing sessions were to simply be for anything that you want to heal in your life, in addition to the simple act of me (and you if you would like) giving thanks.

The comments below are from some of those participating in the healing sessions on this day.   Should have participated in these two healing sessions, feel free to comment as well.  Thank you!

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Comments (1)

Nov 22, 2023

Your healing session on Tuesday was what I needed. I had some major dental work done about a month ago and it affected my sinuses. I developed a sinus infection which also irritated my tonsils. I was using some herbal remedy to help ease the discomfort but it was dragging it out. During the healing session and probably about 20 mins in, I could feel movement around the sinuses, it almost felt like it was crackling and then a sharp but quick pain in my right temple.

Then, it felt as if a pair of hands were on my shoulders helping me to relax. For the record, I had Hildegard of Bingden photo in front of me and it was her energy that I felt.

My sinuses have cleared up and my tonsils are not having to fight the infection. Feels wonderful to feel good again!

Thank you as always,

Jeanette DiPasquale


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