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Mother Earth and Focused Thought -
How to better manifest things in your life.

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By Raphael -
Posted 09-05-2023

The following article was the inspiration to offer one of my free, long distance group healing sessions which occurred on July 05, 2023.  The article talks about a few things that are going on in our planet right now.  Please realize that is not meant to scare you.  It is meant to encourage you to think about where your focus lies and how to make a change for the better …


During these last few weeks, it has been weighing heavily on my mind about some news and documentary reports about the rising temperature of our oceans.  In case you haven’t read about this, according to NASA's research our ocean's temperatures have risen consistently over the last 30 years.  This severely affects the ability of the ocean's coral reefs to thrive, and, in turn, also affects the food for all of the ocean life … and in the trickle down process, it will affect our lives as well. 


In addition, with the burning of Lahaina on Maui, global warming is again coming to the forefront of the world’s collective consciousness.  Now, regardless of your opinion on the topic, if you don’t believe in it, you are still talking about it.  If you do believe in it, then you are also talking about it.   And part of the manifestation process is that what you focus on, you manifest … especially when your thoughts are fueled by emotion.   So what does the universe hear?  …   “Global warming.  Ok, I will give you more of that.”    Not exactly what any of us were really asking for.   


By changing your focus to having the temperature of our planet and the waters of our oceans being the temperature that manifests perfect health for all beings, everyone gets what they want. 


Scientific research, especially in the field of Quantum Physics, has been studying for years the connection between human thoughts and emotions, and how it affects those things that we put our attention on.  In short, the result was that our thoughts are much more powerful than most of us think they are ("The Observer Effect" is the phenomenon in which the act of observation alters the behavior of the particles being observed.)  This also applies to when we put our focus on our planet.    


The easiest way to determine if our focus is correctly aligned is to ask “Is my focus / my intention coming from a place of Fear or Love?”  If our focus is on the fear of something happening, then we might want to rethink that.   Fear stops us from tuning into our natural, intuitive abilities and connection with God … basically short-circuiting our connection.   When coming from a place of Love, all cylinders are firing properly.


The same goes for when you set your intent to heal yourself.  Are you focused on trying to release an illness (based on the root fear of having it manifest), or are you focused on the thought that you are a product of God’s Love and that deep down, our bodies know how to manifest perfect health for one each of us ...


“ . . . each individual, being a concept of the Divine Mind, is held in that mind as a perfect idea.  Not one of us has to conceive himself.  We have been perfectly conceived and are always held in the perfect mind of God as perfect beings.  By having this realization brought to our consciousness, we can contact the divine Mind and so re-conceive what God has already conceived for us.” (from Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding)


Date of Free Healing Session: Tuesday, September 12, 2023


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P.S.S.  As a side note … For those of you wanting to better manifest things in your life, I highly recommend the book titled “The Power of Unwavering Focus” by Dandapani.  In this book, he states ...


“What are the purpose and the goal of learning how awareness and the mind work?  …  The purpose is many fold: improving your ability to concentrate, overcoming fear and worry, eliminating anxiety and stress, being more observant, experiencing higher state of mind, and more.”  


The author gives the reader examples of how to train your mind to better focus on the positive and not the negative, and points out the old patterns that the reader may have adopted that are affecting one’s manifesting abilities.  He also provides helpful examples on how to change those old patterns to more beneficial ones.  You can read more about this book by Clicking Here.


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