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What Does Freedom Look Like To You?
Releasing our self-imposed bonds.


By Raphael -
Posted 06-27-2023

Hello Everyone,


Happy Belated Solstice!  With the change of going from spring into summer, all of those intentions that you had set during our previous healing sessions will now start to manifest, since they have now gone through their growing season.  Please pay attention to see how your intentions manifest over the next few months. 


I had the pleasure of celebrating the Solstice with a small group of dear friends in a beautiful garden setting, where we shared some good food and exchanged messages of encouragement.  The most powerful part of the evening was when our host led us through an honoring of Mother Earth's 4 elements (earth, air, water and fire), culminating with a final fire ceremony.  We took all of our outdated beliefs and ideas that needed to be purged, wrote them on a piece of paper, and then literally "threw them in the fire”.  We then used the fire again to ignite our list of intentions and goals for the coming season. 


After the ceremony, I realized that all of the things that I had written down to let go of were not outside of me, such as career or relationship, but instead were my own self-imposed beliefs and thoughts.  Over the next few days, I felt lighter.  And in talking about it with loved ones and friends, "synchronicities" continued to present themselves with further clarification and solutions. 


These self-imposed bonds can include our thoughts and beliefs that we have integrated into our belief system from family, friends, the news, social media, religion, etc… or simply because “they” said it was so.  These are easily removed should we recognize that someone else’s ideas of who we are is an assumption by them that they know us better than we know ourselves.  Impossible!  And if we buy into their idea, we are giving away our power and our divine right to manifest our own life. 


If we allow ourselves to open up our minds to the possibility that anything is possible, that we create our own universe, and that we deserve all the goodness that the world and God has to offer, the potential is unlimited.   It is just a matter of us getting out of our own way, opening the door for good things to come into our lives, and being open to the unexpected.   


Most of these limiting thoughts and beliefs have to do with our opinion of ourselves and our self-worth … again, more than likely placed on us by what others have told us, which we bought into, and is not what is true.  You have been put here on this planet by God, and God doesn’t make mistakes.  You are loved, and you are worthy.


So, for my next free healing session, in addition to you setting your own intentions to heal anything physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I am being called to ask what true freedom looks like to you, and what things might be holding you back from experiencing your idea of freedom?   I invite you to set a separate intention of letting go of all old thoughts, outdated beliefs that are not in alignment with your higher self (your God-self) and to receive clarity on those things that need to be looked at in your life that are limiting you.


And … if you don’t want to do this, no problem.  Just sit back for the 1 hour healing session and let God/Spirit take care of you for whatever intentions you set for yourself.


FYI – I have intentionally chosen Wednesday, July 5 as the next healing session date, because the idea of Freedom will be strongly rooted in the collective consciousness of millions of people around the world on July 4th.  Because of this focus on the day before, that energy will give our session a huge energetic boost.  


So I invite you to join me for one of my two free healing sessions.  Click on the link below to sign up.


Date of Free Healing Session: July 05, 2023

This healing session has already occurred. 

Should you like to participate in future healing sessions,

please click on the link below to receive an invitation to my next free healing session.


I hope you will join me. 

After signing up you will receive an email asking you to confirm your sign up.  After confirming, you will receive a "Thank You" email that will include a link to instructions on how to prepare for the healing session.


With much love and blessings,



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